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Steve Blais - agent photo 650 x 420My name is Steve Blais, owner of SBS Small Business Solutions.

I am a Sales & Marketing Professional with over 25 years work experience in a variety of industry including retail, service, real estate/mortgage, hospitality and web development.

My professional experience includes over a decade of self-employed business experience beginning as co-owner of Blais Satellite Systems and then years later as owner of Cedar Creek Building Company. I worked as Operations Manager for Sports Afield II, a multi-line powersports dealership in Tecumseh, ON and nearly a decade as a REALTOR with various brokerages across Canada including experience as a Mortgage Broker in West Vancouver, BC. I also gained experience in the hospitality/tourism sector as Sales and Marketing Manager for Canada’s #1 resort for 5-years running, King Pacific Lodge in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia.

I began helping small businesses with technology solutions in 2008 by working to create paperless solutions, online document storage and organization, mobile connectivity and developing affordable websites for businesses.

Finding the right person to handle technology for your small business can be difficult.  There are plenty of technical people out there who can put together an amazing website full of fireworks and pazazz but have no business experience to make it work for your organization.  There are also plenty of business people who can sell ice to a polar bear but couldn’t log into their own email if their life depended on it.  I think of myself as the happy medium.  I believe I have a great balance of technical knowledge combined with the sales, marketing and business experience to help your organization, without breaking the bank.

I’m looking forward to providing your small business with solutions to increase your sales and make your life easier at the same time.  Contact me today!