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Marketing Services

Are you finding that you’re too busy with the day to day running of your business to prospect for future business?

Let us help you market your business with effective campaigns that fit your budget.  Today we have many low cost solutions for marketing your small business.

Photo of social media icons for SBS Small Business Solutions in Amherstburg, OntarioSocial Media

Are you still not ready to get on board the Social Media bandwagon?  It’s time.  Social Media is not a fad but it is a useful, cost effective tool to engage your customers and drive business.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram just to name a few are popular platforms that we can help you setup for your business.  Just setting up these accounts will do you no good.  In fact having these accounts with old, stale content is really worse than having no social media presence at all!  But you don’t have time to constantly update these platforms you say?  No problem.  We have solutions that will allow you to update many social media platforms at once, or if you have an SBS website, we can add an autoposter which will automatically post your news/blog posts to your social media networks for you!  No more logging into each social media network individually.  One click and it’s done!


Video is currently very popular.  Today with free video hosting services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Vine combined with many video editing solutions, there’s no reason not to have video as part of your marketing mix!

Not a movie star?  No problem – we have solutions that will allow us to add great video productions to your business without you stepping in front of a camera.  Today we have many low cost or even free solutions for creating animated videos to promote your business without requiring any actors or even any voiceover.

Here is an example of an animated video we created to introduce Amhestburg.com.


We can create professional brochures for your business for use in mail-outs or on-site.  See our portfolio for some examples.

Online Campaigns

We can setup or run Google adWords campaigns or Facebook campaigns that are an effective way to connect with your target audience on a budget.  We’re able to target specific demographics and geographic areas so that we can reach your customers more effectively without breaking the bank.

Photo showing wordpress blog post editor- SBS small business solutions AmherstburgBlog

Keep your website content fresh and search engine friendly.  We can help you produce regular blog/news posts that are relevant to your customers, help to rank your site higher with search engines and provide you with a much more engaging and appealing website for your visitors.


We can create flyers, brochures, cards etc. for effective campaigns targeting a geographic area including household or business distribution by Canada Post or newspapers.  We can also coordinate scheduled email marketing campaigns (CASL compliant of course) to reach out to your database of customers.


We can help you to market your business on a budget!  Whether you’d like us to run the whole show from start to finish or just help with research, production or distribution – we’re here to help!  Get a FREE quote today!


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