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paperstackWhen we first began experimenting with ways to use less paper many years ago, there were few solutions available that were affordable for small businesses that didn’t require an IT department to run them.

Today we have a wide variety of low cost and even free solutions that can help your business eliminate or at least reduce your reliance on paper and in the process free yourself from your office, work anywhere, anytime AND save some trees!


Let’s start with email.  Yeah, you already have email, so what?
Are you still using free email (gmail, yahoo etc.) for your business email?  How does business6761@yahoo.com sound?  Not so good.  We can set you up with a professional email address based on your domain.  Now, how does sales@mybusiness.com sound?  Much better.  Show the world you mean business!

While you’re looking at a more professional email presence, why not consider an Exchange email solution – push email that synchronizes instantly in real time across all of your devices?  No more deleting emails on your mobile device just to get back to the office and do it all over again on your desktop!

PDF forms 264x264PDF Fillable Forms

Convert your standard paper forms into electronic fillable forms that can be emailed to clients for completion, used internally and even use them on your mobile devices, and sync them to cloud storage.

We can turn any of your forms into electronic versions and have you saying good-bye to paper.

 Spreadsheets and Databases

While many businesses have been using spreadsheets for record keeping in their businesses for years, there are many small business owners that do not have the technical knowledge or the time to organize and create a spreadsheet to use in their business.  We can help with that!  Today we are also fortunate to have many low cost and even free solutions for record keeping.  CRM (Client Relationship Management) systems have become an affordable and convenient solution for small businesses and many are mobile friendly which gives you the flexibility to do business wherever you want to!

Mailing Lists

Are you reaching out to your client base regularly?  If you’re not you’re not utilizing one of the most inexpensive forms of advertising you can use.  Why not reach out to the customers that have already done business with you in the past?  Today there are many low cost and even free solutions that can automatically send professional looking HTML email to your mailing lists, and with todays CASL (Canadian Anti Spam Legislation) in place, it’s important to do it right!

mobile paymentsCloud Storage Solutions

Are you still emailing yourself files so that you can work from home?  What happens if you have a fire or hard-drive failure at your office?  Today there are a multitude of cloud-based storage options available giving you no reason not to have your electronic files in the cloud.  Access your files from anywhere – office, home, mobile device, share files with clients, employees, anyone!  Securely.

Accounting and Payment Systems

Today there are many low cost or free online accounting and credit card processing solutions available.  Are you a mobile service business?  Send a client an invoice from your mobile device while you’re still at the job site – and then process his credit card payment and update your accounting while you’re still standing there!   We can get you set up with time-saving solutions that will free up more time for you and your business.


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